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Would you like to efficiently process high volumes of mail and paper for email delivery?

The Tritek Oasis

flat and letter sorting machine is here to help. This automatic sorting machine is designed to handle letters, flats, and even single sheets of paper at high speeds, making it an ideal choice for any sized mail processing facilities.


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High-Speed Processing

Tritek Oasis

While using the Oasis, you can rest assured that no matter how your mail is oriented, our technology will quickly read it and perform a look-up for delivery using Tritek’s Rule Editor Software. Our scan area offers complete imaging of both the front and back of each mail piece or document, which is automatically stored in a .tiff, .jpg, or .pdf file format with a digital time/date stamp for easy records retention or email delivery.

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Front & Back Area Scanning

Automated Letter Sorting

Choose the Oasis automatic letter sorting machine for high-speed processing of letters and flats, reliable sorting capabilities, complete imaging and scanning features, document scanning and digital mail delivery for all of your mail processing needs.

For non-email pieces such as magazines or mail that must be physically delivered, the Oasis sorts them into various bins for physical delivery. It also has the capability to open mail and retrieve documents for scanning if needed, and can handle UPS and FedEx envelopes. Despite its compact size, the Oasis is equipped with a feeder, black and white or color duplex camera imager, and collection bins, allowing for large-scale imaging with minimal space requirements.

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Advantages & Benefits

Advantages & Benefits

  • Ideal for digital mail delivery, smaller mail rooms
  • Modular in design and a variety of features can be added such as: thickness, doubles detector, in-line printer, in-line labeler, in-line opener, and additional sorting bins
  • Duplex reading available which images both sides of the piece simultaneously
  • 12” by 17” imaging / OCR read area
  • 300 DPI imaging scanning creates TIFF, PNG, JPG or PDF files in black & white or color.
  • Handles envelopes up to 12” x 17” and ¾” thick.  
  • Speeds up to 10,000 per hour
  • Ability to Interface with all Tritek software including Tritek’s Email Delivery System and Tritek Rule Editor Database Management software
  • The workflow is highly configurable and integrates well with third party software applications
  • One year manufacturer warranty included

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Please reach out to or call (302) 223-4065 and our consulting team will be happy to discuss the options that would work best for your application and needs.

Every Tritek machine is custom designed and built to the customers’ desired specifications. Tritek follows a statement of work that includes the customer’s required hardware for the solution, the necessary software applications, machines footprint, maintenance and warranty specification.

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