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Tritek Mobile ACE Work Station

If you're looking for a comprehensive mail processing solution, our state-of-the-art Tritek Mobile ACE is the perfect choice.

Mobile Ace Work Station for Parcel Processing

This unique system functions

as a mobile mail scanning machine and induction station, capable of handling a wide range of mail and parcel objects, including letter and flat mail, parcels, and non-machinable items.

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A Powerful Inbound Mail Tracking System

Mobile ACE Work Station

Tritek’s ACE system is not just a mail scanner for office use, but also a powerful inbound mail tracking system. It can be easily moved between receiving dock locations or mailrooms to ensure that all incoming mail and parcel objects are electronically captured and ID tracked. In addition to its inbound tracking capabilities, the ACE system can handle the tracking and manifesting of outbound items.

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Efficient & Accurate

Fully Mobile Solution

At Tritek, we understand the importance of efficient and accurate mail processing. That’s why we’ve designed the ACE system to be a fully mobile mail processing solution. With its full mailstream and small parcel mail processing capabilities, mail forwarding or applying postage, the ACE system is the ultimate solution for businesses of all sizes. So, whether you’re processing mail in a small office or a large facility, the Tritek Mobile ACE has you covered.

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The Ultimate Solution for All Businesses

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Desktop sized equipment
  • Designed for maximum portability
  • Utilizes standard electrical power (115-volt AC), no need for special electrical hook-ups or dedicated lines
  • Fully adjustable read area up to 12” by 17” imaging / OCR read area
  • 300 DPI imaging scanning creates TIFF, PNG, JPG or PDF files in black & white or color.
  • Can handle envelopes, flats, or parcels  
  • Interfaces with all Tritek software including Tritek’s Email Delivery System and Tritek Rule Editor Database Management software.
  • The workflow is highly configurable and integrates well with third party software applications.
Tritek Mobile ACE Work Station

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Please reach out to or call (302) 223-4065 and our consulting team will be happy to discuss the options that would work best for your application and needs.

Every Tritek machine is custom designed and built to the customers’ desired specifications. We follow a statement of work that includes the customer’s required hardware for the solution, the necessary software applications, machines footprint, maintenance and warranty specification.

Tritek Mobile ACE Work Station
Tritek Mobile ACE Work Station
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Tritek Mobile ACE Work Station

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Tritek Mobile ACE Work Station