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Tritek's Nomad is your ultimate OCR document scanning solution for offices, elections and beyond!

Tritek Nomad machine

With the Nomad's advanced scanning capabilities

you’ll be able to effortlessly scan and archive all types of documents, ranging from handwritten notes, forms, and letters, to thicker items like flats.

Advanced Scanning Capabilities

Tritek Nomad

Our mail scanner for offices is portable and tabletop-sized, making it easy to move around your workspace and plug into any regular 120V AC outlet. Plus, its impressive OCR technology enables it to read every single piece that passes through, ensuring that nothing gets missed.

With the Nomad’s advanced scanning capabilities, you’ll be able to process up to 6,500 pieces per hour, ensuring you keep up with even the busiest of workloads. Additionally, if you’re looking for a mail imaging machine, the Nomad has you covered. It scans and images every piece, making it easy to store and archive digital copies of your important documents.

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Versatile & Efficient

Impressive OCR Technology

For even more convenience, the Nomad can be equipped with an in-line printer and one bin on the back, making it a versatile and efficient mail scanning and imaging machine. So, why wait? Invest in the Nomad today and streamline your office’s document management process with ease.

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Tritek Nomad Nomad

Advantages & Benefits

Advantages & Benefits

  • Speeds up to 6,500 pieces per hour
  • Can be equipped with an in-line printer and one bin on the back.
  • Utilizes standard electrical power, no need for special electrical hook-ups or dedicated lines
  • 12″ horizontal imaging / OCR read area
  • 300 DPI imaging scanning creates TIFF, PNG, JPG or PDF files in black & white or color.
  • Handles envelopes up to 12” x 17” and ¾” thick.  
  • Interfaces with all Tritek software including Tritek’s Email Delivery System and Tritek Rule Editor Database Management software.
  • The workflow is highly configurable and integrates well with third party software applications.
  • One year manufacturers warranty included

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Please reach out to or call (302) 223-4065 and our consulting team will be happy to discuss the options that would work best for your application and needs.

Every Tritek machine is custom designed and built to the customers’ desired specifications. Tritek follows a statement of work that includes the customer’s required hardware for the solution, the necessary software applications, machines footprint, maintenance and warranty specification.

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