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Inbound Mail

Welcome to Tritek, where we offer state-of-the-art equipment for your inbound mail processing needs.

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Our equipment is

 designed to make your mail and parcel sorting and tracking process a breeze, no matter the format of your mail.

Our Tritek sorting machine is the only mail processing equipment that can read envelopes, magazines, newspapers, and poly-wrapped pieces in any direction, without any adjustments needed, even on the front and backside of the mail piece. The recognition software captures an image of the entire document in grayscale or color, depending on camera options, which can then be stored and tracked using our inbound mail tracking system.

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Reads OCR, barcodes, type, script font, and handwritten addresses

Our equipment also reads OCR, barcodes, type, script font, and handwritten addresses, making it the most advanced automated envelope scanner on the market. With integrated barcode printing capabilities, our systems can even automate handwritten addresses and print the destination barcode on the mail piece during the sorting process.

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Inbound Mail
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Inbound Mail

Advanced Optical Character Recognition

Tritek has got you covered. Our sorters feature advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that can interpret script fonts and handwritten addresses, making it easy to sort your inbound packages accurately.

We also offer an inbound letter and flat opener, perfect for processing high volumes of inbound mail. With our inbound package tracking system, you can easily track your packages and ensure they are delivered to their intended recipients.


Inbound Mail
Inbound Mail
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Inbound Mail

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At Tritek, we pride ourselves on our ability to read, sort, store, and track any type of mail. Let us help you streamline your mail processing with our cutting-edge equipment and technology. Contact us today to learn more about our inbound mail processing system.

Inbound Mail