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Parcel Sorter

The Tritek Parcel Sorter uses automated technology to process high volumes of e-commerce packets and parcels.

8 Bin Parcel Sorter

Our automated parcel sorter utilizes

Tritek’s proprietary OCR and imaging system making it an ideal parcel sorting solution for businesses that are searching for increased operational capacity and lower processing costs.

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Accurate Barcode Reading

Parcel Sorter

The Tritek Parcel Sorter is a versatile small parcel sorting system that offers a wide range of options and configurations to meet each customer’s specific needs. Its barcode reading and dimensioning capabilities provide an efficient and accurate sortation system of mail packets and parcels, ensuring timely delivery.

With a minimum item size of 4″ x  4″ x .5″ and a maximum item size of 15″ x 15″ x 12″, the Tritek Parcel Sorter processes a wide range of parcel sizes. It also processes items with a weight range of .25 pound to 50 pounds, making it suitable for a variety of industries and applications.

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Affordable Cost, Low Maintenance

Ideal for Companies & Organizations

Our automated packet sorting machine has a small footprint, affordable cost, and low maintenance requirements that make it an excellent last mile solution for businesses that need to streamline their parcel sorting process. It is also an ideal automated parcel solution for companies and organizations that need to sort and distribute large volumes of packets and parcels.

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Highly Configurable Workflow

Advantages and Benefits

  • Ideal for: universities, e-commerce, retailers and last mile shippers
  • Able to process up to 3,600 items an hour
  • Modular in design, additional features such as induction feeders, OCR reading,  labelers, and additional bins can be added at any time
  • Multi-sided imaging available
  • 12” by 17” imaging / OCR read area
  • 300 DPI imaging scanning creates TIFF, PNG, JPG or PDF files in black & white or color.
  • Sorter technology interfaces with all Tritek software including Tritek’s Email Delivery System and Tritek Rule Editor Database Management software.
  • The workflow is highly configurable and integrates well with third party software applications.
  • One year manufacturer warranty included
Parcel Sorter

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Please reach out to or call (302) 223-4065 and our consulting team will be happy to discuss the options that would work best for your application and needs.

Every Tritek machine is custom designed and built to the customers’ desired specifications. Tritek follows a statement of work that includes the customer’s required hardware for the solution, the necessary software applications, machines footprint, maintenance and warranty specification.

Parcel Sorter
Parcel Sorter
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Parcel Sorter

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