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Multi-Level Sorter

Tritek is a leading-edge mail technology engineering and manufacturing company for all your mail processing needs.

Multi Level M-Sorter for high speed mail processing

Multi-Level automated mail processing

machines are the ideal solution for high-speed mail processing, whether for incoming or outbound applications where space is limited. Our high-volume mail sorting and processing solution is a two-tiered configuration that handles mixed mail processing with ease.

Customized To Your Unique Needs

Multi-Level Sorter

Postcards, letters, flats, newspapers, magazines up to ¾” thick are processed simultaneously – that’s right – no need to sort out the mail before processing. The machine handles the entire mailstream! Tritek’s user-friendly, upgradeable, field-proven mail sorting solutions read, scan and image all types of machine printed, handwritten, and barcoded mail. Our engineers and designers customize each machine to your unique needs and specifications, including configuration options like printers, labelers, tray-tag printers, and more.

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Multi-Level Sorter Machine Bins
High Volume

Processing speeds up to 30,000 per hour

This Multi-Level includes processing speeds of up to 30,000 per hour. Processes the entire mail stream up to 30,000 pieces per hour. With the ability to handle envelopes up to 12” x 17” and ¾” thick, Tritek’s mailroom automation equipment is designed to make your job easier. Trust us for high-quality mail processing solutions that will save you both time and money, and provide accountability. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your mailroom with our custom-built mail processing equipment.

Highly Configurable Workflow

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Ideal for mail rooms with limited space and large volumes
  • Speeds up to 30,000 per hour
  • Modular in design and a variety of equipment can be added such as: thickness, doubles detector, in-line printer, in-line labeler, in-line opener, and additional sorting bins
  • Duplex imaging available- image both sides of the piece simultaneously 
  • 12” x  17” imaging / OCR read area
  • 300 DPI imaging scanning creates TIFF, PNG, JPG or PDF files in black & white or color.
  • Handles envelopes up to 12” x 17” and ¾” thick.  
  • Interfaces with all Tritek software including Tritek’s Email Delivery System and Tritek Rule Editor Database Management software
  • The workflow is highly configurable and integrates well with third party software applications
  • One year manufacturer warranty included
Multi-Level Sorter

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Please reach out to or call (302) 223-4065 and our consulting team will be happy to discuss the options that would work best for your application and needs.

Every Tritek machine is custom designed and built to the customers’ desired specifications. Tritek follows a statement of work that includes the customer’s required hardware for the solution, the necessary software applications, machine footprint, maintenance and warranty specification.

Multi-Level Sorter
Multi-Level Sorter
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Multi-Level Sorter

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Multi-Level Sorter