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One Machine for All Mailing Operations

Single-purpose mailing machines are good investments for organizations with enough volume to keep the equipment operating. For smaller companies, an investment in equipment dedicated to a single operation is cost-prohibitive. But small businesses still need to mail. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, most small businesses spend $338 per month on postage—about $4,000 per year.1 Small businesses with 20 employees or more spend approximately $1,000 a month.2 It is evident that the need to use the US Postal Service is essential for small businesses as well as their larger counterparts.

The USPS offers lucrative postage discounts for mailers who sort their mail before presenting it to the post office. Using the right processing equipment can help organizations save money on their outbound mail. We should also remember that mail goes both ways. Handling inbound mail is often just as taxing as processing outbound mail. Processing equipment is needed for mail going in both directions. But as with any investment, cost and space constraints are weighed against the benefits provided by the mailing equipment. The ideal scenario is a single piece of gear that is versatile enough to handle all mail tasks.

Inventory: What is Your Postal Process?

The first step in determining what mailing equipment you need is assessing what you do. This is a list of some common mail processes.

Packaging all your mail functions into a single piece of equipment is cost-effective and space-saving. The newest mail technology is multi-tasking. It processes outbound presorted mail, inbound mail, returned mail, and digital mail with a single unit. Flexible feeding and transport mechanisms and industry-leading software allows organizations to automate several document processing functions with a small-footprint device that operates in limited space.

Mixed Mail

Mixed mail has always been a challenge for mail center managers. Mixed mail is considerably different from mixed-weight mail. A mail tub with 200 one-ounce #10 envelopes and 200 two-ounce #10 envelopes is mixed-weight mail. Processing this type of mail is an easy task for most mail machines. A mail tub filled with inbound magazines, postcards, letters, flats, newspapers, poly-wrapped pieces, and parcels is more challenging. Cutting-edge mail technology can process these disparate items on the same transport. The mail is scanned at over 300 dpi and the images stored with a time/date stamp. A time/date stamp is essential for postal accounting and chain of custody tracking.

A Single Sorter: Inbound and Outbound

Tritek sorting technology processes inbound mail, presorted mail, and returned mail. The sorter also scans barcodes and images documents for archival storage. If your organization happens to be a municipality or other government entity, the Tritek sorter also processes vote-by-mail ballots.

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Tritek’s innovative sorter solution is versatile. The operational software can quickly switch between sorting outbound and inbound mail. In addition, all types of machine-printed or handwritten mail and barcoded mail are scanned and then sorted. USPS CASS certified processing provides postal presorting and makes it easy to take advantage of generous postal discounts. The Tritek sorter’s flexibility is designed for specific needs and space constraints.  Every aspect of your inbound and outbound mail operation is considered. This includes mail volumes, piece sizes, deadlines, SLAs, and personnel. Enjoy the benefits of a single piece of mailing technology that is cost-effective, space-saving, and improves mail center productivity.

Leading Edge, Field-Proven Patented Technology

With over two dozen issued and pending US patents, Tritek remains a leader in developing new technologies while incorporating existing expertise to deliver highly configurable mail automation systems. Every system we build is specifically designed for each client’s mail processing environment. As one of the most recognized visionaries of mailing technology, Tritek has engineered and patented field-proven mailroom automation and document imaging solutions for decades. Proprietary technology powers the mail center to process mail simultaneously on the same transport. The Tritek technology drives greater mail processing productivity and efficiency.

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